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Sontonga Lofts - Lifestyle Apartments

The ideal of our vibrant inner city is always the topic of contestation at many a gathering as to whether it will be habitable in a practical sense or whether it’s like "bubble living" blocked by kilometres of urban hazard.

The true urban die hards brave the downtown streets for that admired city lifestyle. For some of us we still need to be close to comfort zones because we can’t fathom our besties not being able to visit 3 times a week cos its ‘such a mission’ to get to us.

So we sit wondering what creative pivot will arrive and hedge true confidence in our urban centre and get us up and out and about, to explore new wonders in our chromatic CBD. Whats about to happen will make those thoughts a reality in such an achievable edge of the world! Where only a few have been able to reach. What if I told you that we found the creative edge of the city where you can hop over the fence between the Burbs and Braam without a heart palpitation, it’s totally right there.

Where you get to reside in the heritage center of our city in old forgotten about buildings with all their character and pedigree and depth frankly the freshest development I’ve seen in Johannesburg period! It enhances everything that is Joburg and everything that Jozi is striving to be. It lies on the fringe of the city an in-between land, a land between Braamfontein center and the Parks, a land so well positioned that it will challenge and overcome your reluctance to transcend into the city, it’s a place between, where everything’s Is accessible.

Besides all the geography we have an international contender here – for love living habitat lovers that offers a prevailing creative mouth-full. The spaces are variable and individually unique with purposefully exposed traces of old industry and past times long forgotten. The combinations of texture and sheer volume is mouth dropping, face slapping unreal. The overall product has a look and feel that motivates your soul to push your boundaries to be that person, that talked about individual that pioneer of coolness, my view is that it’s the new gateway to the city, the new fringe frontier if you like.

About Sontonga Lofts

Im seeing elements like none other in a residential setting, Fire station shaped windows with exposed industrial pipe work, I’m seeing pressed ceilings, super volume, reclaimed beams and polished concrete, pendant wire lights and minimal kitchens, there are crows nests rooms floating effortlessly in the space securely attached to the estate like an old gold rush era beard and there is intricacy abound. The heritage of the surrounds is inspiring to say the least echoing our past and rejoicing our future promise, in the spirit of Enoch Sontonga, writer of the beloved nkosi sikelel iafrika. A new possible lifestyle beckons – which will rival anything imagined across the pond in foreign lands. I believe this to be the pivot that the city has been waiting for, the tipping point, the beginning. I believe this is the new LOFT CAPITAL.

Sontonga Lofts

Thank You!

Thank you for filling out the Enquiry Form. You will be hearing from one of our agents soon.

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Cnr Enoch Sontonga Ave & Solomon Street, Johannesburg